Want to Submit Challenges?


I need input from you, the reader, for this blog to continue. And you do want it to continue, right?

I thought so.

There are multiple ways to submit challenges or subjects.

Basically, it’s just anything about which you would like to write my spin in 500 words.

No more. No less.


My Facebook Page – It’s my personal Facebook. Feel free to message me.

Five Hundred Words On… Facebook Page – It’s the fan page for the blog. Feel free to ‘like’ it and submit challenges on the wall. Liking this page will also provide an easy way to get notifications about new posts.

My Google+ Page – Again, my personal profile. Add me to your circles for updates.

Twitter – That’s right. I’m on there now. Follow me for updates and submit challenges on the go!

Email – Drop me a line at the brand new blog email: trulyghjr@gmail.com.

Blog posts – Feel free to comment on any post with another challenge.

Before submitting any challenge, make sure to consult The List. Also, make sure to include your name with every challenge. It’s just a formality so I can thank you for the challenge in the corresponding post.

Spread the word. More readers means more posts.

Spread links like the plague.

Just don’t steal my writings, ok? That’s pretty low.

Truly ghjr.


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