Why The Sky Is Blue

July 30, 2012

Long ago, when the Universe was still young and the Earth was indeed younger still, primitive men trampled across the open plains in such of food and shelter. They had long before ventured from their caves into the flat lands, leaving behind centuries of now-forgotten ritual and history.

As he tramped the grass underfoot, primitive man looked at the flora that surrounded him. He saw the deep greens of springtime, the dark browns of the healthy tree trunks, the beautiful rainbow of flowers and animals that inhabited the lands.

But when primitive man looked to the sky, he saw nothing about blackness. No color to enjoy like the rest of the land.

In his primitive heart, he knew this would not do.

Why would everything underneath him and around him look so beautiful, so pleasing to his primitive senses, while the sky above his head suffered a dark and drab fate of inky blackness?

But, this was not a concern until he had shelter and meat for his family.

The days passed, and primitive man found a site suitable for a new shelter. He built in the shadow of a high mountain, one with brooks flowing down the side. It would be a source of fresh water and plentiful fish.

But as he filled his primitive house was dried meats, clay canisters of grain, small weapons for hunting, he found himself looking again to the heavens.

At night, the blackness was pockmarked by tiny thimblefuls of faraway light like fireflies that would never touch the ground, being constantly held by the thin web of some monstrous, undetectable spider.

By day, the black sky was crossed by a larger ball of white light, hacking its way through the darkness but never succeeding at keeping it at bay.

Man thought again of the unfairness of blackened sky and decided he would do something about it.

Packing a primitive satchel with enough cured meats for a week’s journey, Man grabbed a waterskin made from the dried stomach of one of his earlier meals. He trapped as much clean water as he could inside, knowing it may not be in such ready supply as he ascended the mountain near his shelter.

He climbed.

He climbed for days, not stopping to sleep.

Barely eating, barely resting, he climbed.

After months, he reached the top.

His food had run out long before, but his belly burned for something greater now. He wanted to change the sky.

As Man stood out onto the largest cliff on the highest crag on the mountain, he shouted to the heavens. What he shouted was not important. The Gods wouldn’t have understood either way.

But They looked down to see Man shout from the highest mountain and saw fit to reward him for his journey.

As Man turned to descend once again, he noticed the sky become ever so brighter, ever so bluer.

He felt the ball of light shine on his face. All was right with his world.



This is not included in the 500 word limit.

Thank you, Daniel Bollinger, for another challenge that let me spread my wings.

This is the best I have felt after writing a post in a long time.

And to think, I made it all the way through without talking about poop, sex or nerd stuff.

Mark this one on a calendar.

Truly ghjr


One Response to “Why The Sky Is Blue”

  1. Daniel Says:

    I’m glad I can inspire you to not fall into a stereotypical normal. We wouldn’t want people to never take you seriously, would we?

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