Toilet Paper: Over the Roll, or Under the Roll?

July 9, 2012

I’ve noticed that there are schisms between this generation and others.

People one generation older than me love different TV shows than my generation does. They may not understand some things we do, some of the clothes we wear and some of the music that we listen to, but the gaps generally aren’t too bad.

For me, I have a bit of a different view. I often feel out of place in our generation, feeling like I belonged in a different decade than my own.

Having a girlfriend 13 years my senior lends to that, too. Also, we didn’t have fancy cable when I was younger, so I caught a lot of reruns of older cartoons, giving me at least 10 to 15 years on most others around me.

But, clearly, I have adapted to the Internet about as well as can be expected for someone my age.

The gap between us and someone our grandparents’ age is even larger. They grew up in a time without TVs, when women didn’t get drivers licenses. They worked hard, suffering through the Great Depression and various wars.

Frankly, we can barely relate to either.

While it’s not the most important thing in life to concern myself with, I have noticed that another thing that goes along the generation gap between us and our grandparents is the placement of toilet paper in relation to the roll.

Now, some (mainly the younger crowd) generally prefer to place the toilet paper so it is so-called “over” the roll. This means it comes over the top and out the front, hanging farthest from the wall that is possible in conjunction with the toilet paper roll holder of your choosing.

The older folks, however, in their war-hardened state of mind, prefer to place the roll as such to create a small hiding spot for the loose dangling paper, what we call “under” the roll.

This facilitates the hiding of the dangling paper between the roll and the wall, making the prospective user reach behind the roll, crushing their sweaty, sausage fingers into the already cramped quarters.

What a mess.

I am definitely with my generation on this one.

Oldies, what are you thinking?

No one wants it under the roll!

When we come to your house for a Sunday dinner with the whole family, or even if you are too old to replace the gutters yourself and have to have your hard-working family do it on their only day off, no one wants to sit and spin the toilet paper roll round and round, searching for the elusive end of the tangled thread of pooper paper.

It’s a huge nuisance, especially if you are trying to grab for it quickly, maybe to corral a sneeze or apply pressure to some bleed.

Hey. Sometimes toilet paper is the only thing around to help.

God forbid you get blood on the expensive personalized monogrammed towels or if it drips on the bath mat.



This is not included in the 500 word limit.

Thanks to Leroy Brumage for allowing me to vent my flatulent frustrations.

He’s knows how dear the bathroom is to my heart, among other things….

Truly ghjr.


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