April 16, 2012

Everyday, people everywhere take a leap of faith and make an investment. Whether it be a new project at work, owning a piece of Apple or conceiving a child, people constantly make investments for the future.

That’s what an investment is: putting effort into something now and not expecting to reap the benefits until the future.

As I see, investments comes in one of three categories: money, time, or both.


We all know about the NYSE. Rich people gather in a building and yell at each other about money all day.

What these men and women do are investments of money. They buy a portion of a company and expect it to grew, becoming more valuable the longer they own it. Of course, in this day and age, it’s not quite as easy as that. Less money is floating around for people to invest.

These investments are definitely luxuries that not all of us can afford. I make enough to make ends meet right, so I don’t have any stocks or bonds.

Remember, I’m living on a writer’s salary.


Some people build things. Others clean or provide other various services. I write (clearly.)

These are all investments of time. If I decide I’m going to build a table from a tree in my yard, that’s going to take time. I would be investing that time so I could have a beautiful table in my kitchen.

Lisa cleans constantly, and she does so as an investment. If she invests the time to clean, she will be happy and proud to show off her clean, beautiful house.

I invest hours minutes a week on the writings that appear in this blog. Why? Well, frankly… it’s because I like to. But, it also keeps me on my toes. I get some good writing practice and have to deal with the crazy stuff the readers throw at me. It’s like playing tennis; the more often you play, the more often you can blast a ball right back down your opponents throat when they least expect it.

I guess that plays into the whole pride thing, too.

The blog is my child, and I love it dearly.

Speaking of children…


My buddy and his wife just had a child, and without taking time to get all mushy about it, I have to say that it’s a big investment for the future.

Babies take a lot of time, and they take a lot of money. Yet, people still have them.

I don’t have any of my own, but I think I understand the point behind it. It’s a mix of all investments and outcomes.

If you do well (like we all hope to do), you will have a person whom you love very much that you can be proud of and depend on.

Of course, you can always exploit them in Hollywood and make all your money back, too.





This is not included in the 500 word limit.

Thanks to Jules Lee, the first reader that I don’t know personally to actually submit a challenge.

It took almost 70 posts, but I have a fan.

Truly ghjr


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