Hasil Adkins

March 16, 2012

Hasil Adkins is just one of those guys, you know?

You don’t know?

That’s because he is one of those guys. He’s the kind of guy that you probably have never heard of.

Whoa. Hipster alert. I know.

The fact is… most people simply don’t know him. They don’t know the glory of songs like “No More Hot Dogs.”

Hasil (pronounced “hassle,” in case you were wondering) was born in the drug mecca of Appalachia, Boone County, West Virginia. He managed to live out the entirety of his 68 years in that county.

Remember that.

Hasil supposedly went to school for a grand total for 4 days his entire life. The rest of those days he spent making sweet, sweet music…

And sometimes fixing and selling washing machines.

Hasil said that he wrote well over 7000 songs, and could play upwards of another 2000. Most everyone that knew him said he grossly exaggerated those numbers.

All in all, it doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is the multitude of his songs that have been committed to some sort of recording medium or another throughout the years. Believe me when I say that those songs border on the insane from time to time.

I mean… the man wrote and recorded an entire album about chickens. Called it Poultry in Motion. You know his stuff is going to be worthwhile, right?


You don’t believe it will stand the test of time and be written in the history books as the most important music of our time?

Yeah… you’re probably not alone in that one.

But it’s fun music, like Wesley Willis.

It’s always good to listen to, especially if you have somebody new in the car and they really don’t know how to react when they hear through the car stereo some deranged man yelling about cutting someone’s head off, hanging it on a wall and then laughing at the head, taunting it by say it won’t be able to eat any more hot dogs.

I guess that kind of answers my first original question of why most people don’t know about Hasil.

Either way, he stuck around the state his whole life, writing crazy stuff like that and managing to make a meager living… I assume that had something to do with drugs.

I don’t need to remind you of what a Boone County mating call sounds like, right?


Unfortunately, Hasil was taken from us a few years ago. He was deliberately run over by some teen bastard on a 4-wheeler in his front yard. They caught the kid up the road, running over some other poor bastard.

I assume drugs had something to do with it, but I assume that about everything that happens to Boone County.

Hasil died a few days later due to injuries.

And probably drugs.

He’s up in Heaven now, eating hot dogs with Jesus.

God bless Hasil.






This is not included in the 500 word limit.

Thanks to Sam Jones for this one.

Thanks to Sam Jones for turning me on to Hasil’s music a few years ago.

My favorite is still “No More Hot Dogs.” I assume that shines through really well in this post.


Truly ghjr


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