TriChuckta, Pt 3: Chuck Testa

November 18, 2011

You probably thought this was a boring article of some sort.

Nope. It’s not.

It’s a blog post that’s been written by Greg Hayhurst.

Alright. I got that out of the way.

So… most of you probably know about Chuck Testa. He’s a regular guy from Ojai Valley that has been creating the most realistic taxidermies (it’s a real word. Look it up.) for longer than I’ve been alive.

Also, he recently became the object of a tremendous, world-wide (probably not, but okay) Internet meme.

What’s a meme? Look it up.

I only have 500 words.

Comedy duo Rhett and Link helped Chuck Testa make an official commercial for his California-based business, Ojai Valley Taxidermy. Apparently, the commercial ran locally ONCE before somebody got the bright idea to slap it on YouTube, poop it around the Internet a couple million times and make good ol’ Chucky Testa a household name.

Ok… maybe more than once.

Also, Ojai Valley Taxidermy were the ones to upload it. I think they knew what they were doing.

I mean… almost 8 million views in 3 months? That’s some heavy cash.

Either way, Chuck Testa is a celebrity among the stoned, drunk, bored denizens of the Internet. You know the ones. The people that still laugh at Longcat and Bachelor Frog and the like.

They like to call themselves “Anonymous.”

We’ve always referred to them as “/b/tards.”

Why? Many reasons.

But, I’m rambling.

Mr. Testa is known to most on the Interest. Not just those on 4chan.

I mean… there are Chuck Testa shirts, for Christ’s sake.

You can’t even go to a frat party and say the word “nope” without hearing a barrage of drunken screams that sound vaguely like the name “Chuck Testa.”

Testa has certainly made a name for himself.

Sadly, it has nothing to do with his taxidermy. It’s all about the video.

Sure, it’s a good catchphrase, and the awkward pauses and bad acting add a huge level of ridiculousness to the whole affair, but I think the point gets lost.

The point is to make the best damn taxidermies possible.

Sure, Chuck won’t stuff pets (or grandmothers, for all the Jackass fans) but he’ll stuff basically any game animal that comes to him.

As far as I know, he stretched and stuffed every animal in the video.

I can only imagine what kind of hell is would be to stuff anything, but to stuff and mount a rhino? That’s called talent, my dear boy.

I understand the taxidermy process, which involves skinning an animal, finding a proper dummy to build the mount around and making the freshly dead carcass look like it’s risen from the grave.

But still…. a rhino?


I can’t even imagine how to go about skinning a rhino.

The dummy that he found had to be tremendous and amazingly heavy.

Also, I don’t know where you would get a dummy like that. I wouldn’t know any of it.

Would I make a good taxidermist?






Thanks to Josh Hawkins for the challenge that lead to Part the Third of this epic November event, The TriChuckta.

I had to resist trashing Anon and 4chan too much.

After all, I’m a reformed member.

I mean… what? Forget I said anything.

I am a writer.

A writer… of fictions.

Truly ghjr


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