Troy Davis

October 3, 2011

I can’t lie. Well, I can, but not about this.

I did not follow the Troy Davis ordeal.

I know I heard a few friends talking about it. They kept getting updates to their phones and scoffing angrily about the goings-on.

But, I didn’t know any of the details. I really didn’t want to know much about it. From what I was hearing, the debacle revolved around convictions based on circumstantial evidence and would end in the execution of an innocent man.

Well, I looked into it enough to write about it. Turns out…. I was right.

Troy Davis was convicted of murder and sentenced to death 20 years ago. Apparently, the defense produced no murder weapon, but had bullet casings that may or may not have been from another shooting that David may or may not have committed. Enough people testified to convince the jury that he was guilty and worthy of death.

After having appeal after appeal denied and rotting on death row for two decades, which is almost my entire life, Davis was executed on September 21.

Basically, a bunch of people saw him do it, and Davis fried. Well, he was injected, but you catch my drift.

I’m not really sure what this trial proves. Does it prove that America is bloodthirsty and would rather see a man dead than take the time to get the facts straight? Does it mean that the judicial system is just as fucked as everyone thinks it is?

Does it mean that a man will die if enough people claim they saw the same thing?

Probably all three. It’s not my place to decide which. I’m just presenting you, the reader, with the idea.

Looking back, I have cemented in my mind why I didn’t follow this trial in the first place. I couldn’t bare what it truly says about America. I couldn’t bare to see the people around me, those that I call my own, descend this far into gore-fueled, out-for-blood maniacs.

To quote Professor Farnsworth: I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

Seriously. I don’t know how much more of this American madness I can take. I’ve never been this close to giving up and moving to an isolated cabin with Lisa, a typewriter and enough Ramen and beer to last me for a couple years.

But… I can’t. I have a few faithful readers which expect these every Monday and Friday.

Maybe I am looking at the whole thing wrong. Maybe I should find that precious silver lining in this dead, grey shitstorm.

That’s it. Let’s do what the witnesses did.

Let’s band together as a nation and erroneously claim that someone committed a crime. We can clean up the country.

Let the jury see that Nancy Grace beats her interns, that Glenn Beck raped a child, that Sarah Palin fired homing missiles from her house to Russia.

Let the jury see that Casey Anthony killed… oh wait, that one is true.

When is her execution date?





This is not included in the 500 word limit.

Thanks, Sean Lee.

Wait. You didn’t catch the sarcasm?

Honestly, I did avoid the case. I was didn’t think I could handle it.

And now, look at me. I’m spiraling. You know what will help?


If you submit more challenges! I’ve typed my way through them all. I need another for Friday. Get to it.


Truly ghjr.


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