What Will Make Me Buy the New “Star Wars: The Complete Saga” Blu-Ray Set.

September 9, 2011

I remember watching Star Wars for the first time. Lucas graced the 1990’s with the release of the ONLY trilogy at the time. Being a fan in his youth, my uncle purchased the VHS set and passed it along to me soon after. I suppose he thought that my 7-year-old mind needed a dose of science fiction, and somehow talked my mother into letting me watch the films. Her lack of faith was disturbing.

I was completely floored. From the opening crawl, I was hooked. The space battles were intense, the characters were larger than life, and the scenes were throbbing with imagination. One of the scenes that really stuck out in my head was the famous scene in Chalmun’s Cantina at the Mos Eisley spaceport.

I remember seeing what my 7-year-old mind processed as a funny-looking bugman threatening a dashing man with a blaster and speaking of a man named “Jabba” in an alien tongue. Many of you know what followed.

I turned to ask my father why the man had killed the bugman under the table like cowboys. He said something like, “He’s an outlaw. That’s what outlaws do.” When I protested that he didn’t need to die, Dad told me that Greedo would have taken Han to a bad (worm)man named Jabba the Hutt.

It was then that I finally understood. Over the next 2.5 films, Han Solo would make the inspiring transition from outlaw anti-hero to helpful ally of the Rebel Alliance and friend to many of the film’s main characters.

I know it has been said many times before, but George’s changes to the scene paint Han in a completely different light. Kids aren’t supposed to think Han had no choice but to kill Greedo. They can see that Han Solo is a bastard who kills before he is killed. I know this from experience.

I know that was a bit long, but it directly leads to my reasons for not being interested in the new Star Wars set.

Frankly, I can boil my reasons down to less than 500 words. If George Lucas would stop bastardizing the movies that defined my childhood just so he could make EVEN MORE money than he already has, I would buy the set. I don’t care that he has included the prequels. Honestly, I’ve been thinking about picking them up on DVD anyway. Not that I like them much, mind you. It’s like Lisa always tells me. “If you are a true fan of a series, you own all the movies. Even the shitty ones.” That probably explains why she owns Jason X.

I hate to jump on that bandwagon, but that’s the reason I don’t own the movies on DVD. I have my old VHS tapes and nothing else. I can’t keep buying VCRs, George. The VCR companies will shut down sooner or later. I just want my favorite movies on a new format. No other changes. Ever.

I suggest a new strategy, George. Let the fanboys win.



This is not included in the 500 word limit.

I just wanted to let Leroy Brumage know that his challenge was not as easy as he thought it would be. Leroy, you know that I can talk about even the drollest and most insignificant details of Star Wars for hours. We’ve done it before.

And to think, I did in about 15 minutes. The words flowed forth like they do anytime we talk about Star Wars. It is one of the unifying factors of my generation. Our grandparents had World War II. Our parents had the Vietnam War.

We have Star Wars.

Also, please submit ideas for my next 500 word piece. Without your ideas, I have nothing to write.

Truly ghjr.


3 Responses to “What Will Make Me Buy the New “Star Wars: The Complete Saga” Blu-Ray Set.”

  1. There is no greater conflict that defined our generation more than the Galactic Civil War. May all those who died at the end of the Empire’s oppressive blasters be remembered in our hearts forever.

  2. […] you all already know my feelings toward the trilogy. You know that I don’t like the fact that George Lucas keeps throwing extra stuff into his masterpieces. So, I really don’t need to talk about […]

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